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PATREON REDESIGN! Story Update [JULY 2019] by Kid W25
July 23rd, 2019, 10:27 am
Hello everybody!

I apologise for this month's news bulletin being so late.

A very short one this time around, here we go!

I went and did a huge redesign on every single aspect of the Patreon. From Goals, to Reward Tiers, to the description. This is all to make sure I'm able to fulfill the rewards AND making sure that the Patreon is now actually worth getting.

The biggest change is that FIREWALL is now part of the rewards. That will be a WEBTOON exclusive as the whole design is set around the scrolling nature of the platform. Don't worry, Jay and Thompson's first home will always be here.

To take a look at the changes, just head over to the link: https://www.patreon.com/kidw25

We're finally reaching the final stretch of comic strips in the HISTORY arc. I'm trying to find a balance between comedic comic strips and dramatic comic strips as Jay and Thompson is first and foremost a slice-of-life webcomic.

The next story arc is an exclusively comedic one all around the Pilot episode of Jay and Thompson's show airing. So never fear, there is some reprieve from the teenage angst and drama.

Another month, and another thank you to:


Thank you for your pledge, my friend, I hope you continue to support me next month!

Short and sweet this month. Hope you're enjoying the story so far. I'm ecstatic to see more and more people coming to the site (who aren't me!).

I'll see you in another news post in...like, a week and a half? The news posts will revert back to being the beginning of the month.

Kid W25.