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MOVED HOUSE! Internet and Buffer Problems [JUNE 2019] by Kid W25
June 4th, 2019, 8:53 am
Hello everybody!

There's only a few small notes in this month's news bulletin.

As I mentioned in last month's post, my family moved to a new house after living in the previous house for just under 16 years. It's the only house I could remember calling 'home', since I couldn't remember anything about the house that we lived in when we were living in Bali. But we're finally here. We've moved, and are starting on the process of going through what is practically 60 years worth of memories.

My grandfather built that house, and since we were the last people living in it, we had to collect and move all the things that were hidden away. There were several vinyls that my mother and aunt distinctly remembered listening to when they were children, and other things of that nature still around, so that's going to be something that takes a little bit to sort through.

Because of the move, my family had no internet, and we were having a lot of trouble dealing with Optus to set up our internet in the new house. After what seemed to be 20+ hours on the phone, my mother finally managed to get Optus to provide us with the internet we were paying for.

Unfortunately, because of the move and the internet drama, I could not find the creative motivation to make Jay and Thompson comic strips. My buffer of 7-8 comic strips (around three-to-four weeks' worth) has now dwindled, and I only have 2 comic strips in the buffer (enough for the Patreon reward, comic strips a week in advance).

I am trying my best to re-establish a bigger buffer in case unforeseeable circumstances arise in the future. But I'm quite hopeful that I won't be late on any Patreon rewards.

That being said, if you're interested in getting Jay and Thompson comic strips a week early, then sign up for the Super Fan reward tier or above!

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As always, I'd like to thank my one and only Patron over at Patron for the moment of this writing. Thank you for another month. I deeply appreciate your continued support as a Casual Viewer.

Thank you:

Another month, another news post. Hope you're enjoying the story of Jay and Thompson so far in this History arc. More comedy and drama coming right up as we expand their backstory!

I'll see you all next month!

Kid W25.