Jay and Thompson
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LENGTH OF COMIC! State of Story and the Future [APRIL 2019] by Kid W25
April 6th, 2019, 2:54 am
Hello All!

Today's post is a bit shorter than last month's since everything is still okay, and I'm having a lot of fun writing Jay and Thompson right now.

I was asked by one of my brothers about how long Jay and Thompson is going to be. I told him that there's going to be at least three "seasons" in the story. I've planned for about two seasons, but as of writing this, I've written 16 comic strips, and I'm not even 1/5th of the way into Season 1. So expect quite a long one, and hopefully you enjoy!

On a related note, I'm really enjoying the pacing of the story right now. It's quite comical, and I don't feel like I'm rushing through story lines (a problem I've had to deal with in the past). And along with what I've originally planned, I've added more story elements and restructured some plot points to make better sense than the original version.

All in all, everything is going very well.

One day, I'd like to draw more comic strips per week for the story. But right now, because I need to actually look for work and because of other commitments outside of making the webcomic, I can only update the comic twice a week. And because of the Patreon and such, I've needed to make sure that I have at least three weeks worth of comics at all times.

It's going pretty great. Right now, I have around a month's worth of comics as buffer, so everything's looking good for that.

Along with Patreon support, one day (if it ever gets to that point), I'd like to see if I can do a Kickstarter or something for a physical volume of Jay and Thompson. Now, this is all in the far future, but it's exciting to have a goal to work towards, you know.

If it came to the point that self-publishing a volume is possible, would anybody be interested?

I'd like to thank my one and only Patron over on Patreon. Thank you for another month. I appreciate your support as a Casual Viewer!

Thank you:

Thank you for your readership. I hope you've been enjoying the comic so far. I'll see you guys next month!

Kid W25.