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A SHORT UPDATE! Streaming and FIREWALL Status! [AUGUST 2019] by Kid W25
August 3rd, 2019, 11:54 pm
Hello everybody!

I'm back on top of doing the monthly news posts! Last post, I said it was a short bulletin, this one is also going to be short!

If you didn't know, I stream on Twitch quite often. Most of the time I play games, but when I feel like it, I do some art. So if you want to take a peek at how I draw (it might be triggering, I'm very inefficient), head over to this link: https://www.twitch.tv/kiddyw25 and say hi!

The Patreon revamp that I spoke a bit about in the previous post, revealed that my other project, FIREWALL, was part of the Patreon reward tiers. Currently, I've finished one whole episode, and about a third through the second episode.

I am aiming to finish three episodes before starting the monthly release. So be on the lookout for that as well. When it starts being published, I'll add a link to the Author's Comment section.

Another month, and it's another thank you to the one and only:


Once again, thank you for sticking with me through everything.

That's it for this month. I'm still focusing on Jay and Thompson the most, in making sure it's the best as I can make it. Hope to see you next month!

Kid W25.